Mar 22

Supreme Court: Attorneys Must Effectively Assist Defendants in Plea Bargaining Process


The United States Supreme Court recently ruled that attorneys must provide effective assistance of counsel when advising their clients whether to plead guilty or not guilty.  “If a plea bargain has been offered, a defendant has the right to effective assistance of counsel in considering whether to accept it,” Justice Anthony Kennedy said. “If that right is denied, prejudice can be shown if loss of the plea opportunity led to a trial resulting in a conviction on more serious charges or the imposition of a more severe sentence.”

Attorney David Harbin has handled thousands of criminal and serious traffic offenses in Hagerstown, Washington County and Frederick, Maryland.  There are serious consequences attached to any case, and he strives to provide the best advice possible so his clients can make informed decisions as to how they proceed with their cases.

When you hire David Harbin, you will meet with him as frequently as necessary to prepare your case.  You will have an opportunity to review all of the evidence available and weigh the strengths and weaknesses of the case.  He will provide you with the relevant statues, regulations and case law that will impact your case.  He will have ample opportunity to discuss the benefits and risks of having a trial or accepting a plea.  You will be represented by an attorney that works on a daily basis with Washington and Frederick County Prosecutors and regularly appears in front of Washington and Frederick County judges.  And, if a trial is in your best interests, you will have an attorney on your side that has tried cases in front of judges and juries in Hagerstown and Frederick with favorable results.

So, if you are arrested in Frederick or Hagerstown and desire representation from an established attorney dedicated to providing superior, competent advice and representation, contact us.